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Gift ideas for your child's teacher

We are coming up to that time of year again where the sky is blue, the temperature is climbing and our children will soon be finishing school.

The end of the school year is always full of mixed emotions for parents, children and their teachers.  So how is the best way to show appreciation for that special teacher, who greeted your child every morning with the same friendly smile, who went to the trouble of ensuring that they had the right learning environment to succeed and who really made a difference.

Its definitely a labour of love being a teacher, trust me, I’ve been one.

So how can we help them feel we appreciated all of their efforts?  

Whether a primary school teacher who has looked after your child all year or a secondary teacher that went the extra mile, it’s lovely to give them something they can treasure for years to come.  I’m not talking about spending a fortune, but about getting something which will last longer than a box of chocolates.  

Spending up to around the £15 mark should get you a really special gift which can be cherished along with the memory of your child.


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