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How to hang your garden hammock

Whether you are a seasoned hammock user or a hammock hanging virgin, this post should tell you all you need to know about getting your hammock hanging just right.

Although there are lots of places to hang your hammock, the general principals remain the same.

So lets first start with those who have found a beautiful quiet sunny spot, between two trees in their garden. You have bought a hammock as the spot you have picked out in the garden demanded it. You are going to disappear off to it every time the sun shines, with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other, bliss!

Now firstly don’t pour your drink just yet, although not a difficult process, this will need to be done properly, not rushed to ensure the perfect placement and hanging. I hope you have your tape measure handy as you are going to need it to measure the distance between the trees in order to know how high to place your anchor point, no guess work here please unless you either want to be laying in the grass or using a step ladder to climb in. Your ideal trees are going to be around 10-15 foot apart to allow sufficient hanging space.

The following table can be used to find the tree hook height based on your hammock length and distance between the trees.

Hammock LengthDistance between Trees or Posts
&10 Feet11 Feet12 Feet13 Feet14 Feet15 Feet
9 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet
10 Feet4 1/2 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet
11 Feet5 1/2 Feet4 1/2 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet
12 Feet&6 Feet5 Feet4 Feet4 Feet4 Feet
13 Feet&&6 Feet5 Feet4 Feet4 Feet
14 Feet&&&6 Feet5 Feet4 Feet

Now, you measured your spot and its perfect, there is just the right amount of sun and shade, the distance between the trees or posts is spot on. You couldn’t have found a better place even if you had planted them for the purpose, so what now? You have to decide how you are going to hang your hammock.

Method 1 – Straps

Tree straps are simple and quick to install. They can easily be adjusted to the desired length and most important won’t damage your trees or posts. Basically all you have to do is wrap one end around a tree and snap your hammock’s carabiner into any one of the 18 loops on each strap. Easily adjust by snapping into a different loop.

Hammock Tree/Post Strap

Method 2 – Rope

The idea is to get a secure anchor point around the tree or post in which you can connect the hammock’s carabiner hooks. A Backpacker Hitch, which is achieved by wrapping a rope around the tree multiple times and then creating loops to make it tight is a simple method. Other knots include the bowline knot, becket hitch or the water knot.

Hammock Tree/Post Knot

Method 3 – Hammock Stand

These mostly will be sold with all of the hanging gear required and it will simply be the case of clipping the hammock to the stand and adjusting the stand width for your perfect distance. These are great for people who want to be able to move their hammock around the garden to follow the best of the sun or shade or who didn’t find those two perfectly spaced trees to use.

Hammock Stand

Please be careful when using your hammock, these simple tips will help you stay safe and have a pleasant hammock experience this summer.

  • The trees or posts must also be strong with a diameters of over 6 inches
  • Use a good quality knot when securing the hammock
  • Do not lie diagonally on the hammock
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation

Whichever method you use, one thing is for sure, you will never regret buying your hammock and spending hours relaxing in it for many years to come!

Another Sky has a lovely selection of summer hammocks, all complete with carabiner hooks ready for you to hang by your preferred method.


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