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Handmade fairtrade pottery by Wonki Ware

One of the things I really love is handmade products.  After so many years of mass produced factory made products it feels truly special to have something that was not only designed by another human but made lovingly by them too.  

I find as I get older and my taste changes, I don’t want perfectly straight edges and a precisely painted pattern with everything that matches everything else.  I want things which are different but coordinate, things with a story, things I can’t just replace from the nearest department store if it gets broken.

Wonki Ware perfectly suits my now refined style. Every piece is different. They have all been made in South Africa by people who love what they do. The brand has been around for just over 10 years and is completely fair trade, employing 40 people from the disadvantaged local community allowing them to become valuable, skilled members of their society.

The products are full of Wonky edges hence the name and they are painted using beautiful natural looking colours. The bowls and platters are particularly special, with them having lace pressed into the design to form a pattern unique to that bowl. They also have the added bonus of being microwave and dishwasher friendly so are not just gorgeous pieces of art but usable, practical tableware. They are special enough to give as a wedding present and there isn’t a person I’ve come across who doesn’t appreciate their loveliness.

Have a look at this great video, telling the Wonki Ware story and explaining how this hand thrown pottery is made.


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