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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Every year when father’s day comes around I always think what a lovely time of year to have this celebration. Unlike Mother’s Day, where it’s usually raining, and going out for lunch to a packed restaurant, with three little ones, can be more exhausting then actually cooking it yourself at home. While fathers’ get to enjoy lovely picnics in the sunshine on their day.

Also I always find that present buying can be decidedly more tricky for fathers than for mother’s. Good father’s day gifts can be hard to find. I usually could name at least twenty things I would be overjoyed to open from my children in appreciation for a year of my superb mothering skills. But, fathers, they are a completely different kettle of fish.  They usually like gadgets and technology, but as anybody who has ever tried to buy a man a gadget, it is the choosing of it that offers them the most enjoyment.  They don’t really want to pass this rewarding process over to somebody else, as they seem to like it best when the latest bit of tech was bought by them. This also, I have realised, gives them full rights over who uses it, and for how long.

You also don’t want to go down the route of getting them nothing, which is of course their suggestion.  This then leaves you wide open to then not have a gift reciprocated to you next year, which because they would rather not have to get involved with the business of gift giving and present wrapping, would suit them just fine!

As the children do make some home made fathers day gifts at school. We seemed to have settled into the routine of buying small items that can be used on the day itself, to keep the children happy that enough of an effort has been made.  Each child buys daddy one thing. The first thing is usually a mug, to have his morning tea of coffee in at breakfast time alongside his breakfast in “bed”.  
Breakfast in bed can be a messy affair with kids, who also insist on joining the breakfasting in bed ritual, but never in their own beds, no no they would much rather spill it all over yours instead.  So, to help combat this problem we have practically got our routine down to a fine art. If the children ask us what we want for breakfast in bed we say that we would love a full English, with all the trimmings. That gives the celebrated parent in question plenty of time for not only a lie in, in peace, while the little darlings are downstairs “helping” the other parent to prepare it. But, also for said parent to seek downstairs and sit at the breakfast table before the whole meal is carried into the bedroom. This then at least makes it a much more enjoyable treat, as you actually manage to eat a scrumptious breakfast and engage in some friendly conversation, instead of trying not to notice the beans sliding from your youngest plate and onto your 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.  These are definitely moments to cherish.

I imagine as children get older and become teenagers, the excitement of rising at the crack of dawn to provide a breakfast treat parents will pale into insignificance and we will be lucky to even get eye contact let alone a card and pressie.

The next present that is usually selected, is something to go with the fathers day activity we are participating in.  Like previously mentioned, picnics seem to be a popular choice when the weather is so nice. So, quite often a special glass to hold a picnic G&T, a fetching apron to be used upon BBQ days. Or even if dad has been particularly super this year, in fulfilling his role as chef, taxi driver, personal assistant and teacher, then he might get a larger item, like a hammock, to be constructed in a sunny spot of the garden for him to laze about in.  This item will obviously absolutely be just for him, well at least for the day of fathers day that is!


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