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Choosing the perfect wedding gift

Are you tying the knot this year? If not, then hopefully you will be lucky enough to be attending a couples special day. After the joy of watching two people promise to devote their lives to each other, my favourite part of the wedding celebrations is not the obvious food and drink, it’s enjoying how they have decorated their wedding reception venue.

My favourite type of wedding reception has large metal candelabras and candle sticks down the centre of the tables. Getting the colours right on the table is also important, I’m much more a fan of grey, cream and pale pinks than brighter more robust colours, I just find them much more romantic.  Natural items also look enchanting, such as hand blown wine glasses sitting beautifully on rustic wooden tables.

Choosing the right gifts for the bridesmaids and a little something special for the bride has been made effortless with our excellent range of Joma Jewellery.

As a guest at a wedding one of the most important jobs  is to choose the perfect wedding present.  With lots of people now living together for years before they marry, less people want to give a definitive list of purposeful items and increasingly people love to have something unique to remind them of their special day.

My favourite gift is always a Wonki Ware bowl.  I have to say its my go to present for any special occasion simply because it is always so fantastically received.  Every piece of Wonky Ware is completely hand made in South Africa.  No two pieces are ever the same, meaning you can give a truly original gift, which is not just fabulously useful but looks beautiful when on display in someone’s home.  They are always 100% fair trade meaning you can rest assured that not only is your gift exquisite it is also virtuous.


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